[Rum of Tomorrow] Arehucas, the future of rum in the Canaries

Sugar cane arrived in the Canaries ten years before it was transported to the Caribbean by Christopher Columbus. And rum was probably distilled here fairly quickly. Drinking rum from the Canaries, especially from the Arehucas distillery, is like stepping back in time.


Did you know that the Canary Islands, famous for wines such as Listán Negro, Vijariego and Negramoll, also harbour a hidden treasure? Spain’s Canary Islands are home to the Arehucas distillery. A family jewel since it was founded in 1884, this distillery boasts a rich history spanning almost 140 years, steeped in tradition and dedication.

Since then, Arehucas has dedicated itself to the art of creating rums and liqueurs, with a production process imbued with a generous dose of commitment and passion. Their love of craftsmanship has not only won the admiration of connoisseurs, but has also put the spotlight on spirits from the Canary Islands.


The Canary Islands are located off the coast of Morocco, in the Atlantic Ocean, and enjoy a subtropical climate. They have long been a magnet for tourists from all over the world, celebrated for their breathtaking scenery and pristine beaches.

Yet beyond their natural beauty, they have a rich history, deeply linked to the cultivation of sugar cane. As César Arencibia, Communications Director of the Arehucas distillery, explains, “sugar cane was first introduced to the islands in 1483. It was in 1884 that the Fábrica de San Pedro factory officially opened its doors in Arucas, on the island of Gran Canaria.” While sugar production took centre stage, the production of sugarcane distillates and rum was already underway at this forerunner of today’s Destilerías Arehucas.

Eight years later, in 1892, the rum produced at Arucas was already very popular on the islands. The current name of Arehucas is itself derived from Arucas, which is remarkable given that it is one of the oldest rum cellars in Europe. In the 1940s, the distillery took a major step forward with the creation of the Ron Arehucas denomination.


A rum made from pure Spanish cane juice

The Arehucas distillery then embarked on a long journey, evolving from a cherished local rum brand to a sensation that turned the heads of rum lovers around the world towards the Canary Island. The distillery’s commitment to rum-making is evident in its meticulous production processes and innovative techniques.

The sugar cane used as the raw material for these pure cane juice rums is mostly hand-harvested white cane. The cane wine is fermented for around 36 hours in closed, temperature-controlled tanks. Distillation then takes place in a double steel column, producing rum at 70% ABV.


In their wide range of products, you’ll discover a variety of high-quality options, all made with great care and attention to detail. These include Arehucas 12 Year Old and Arehucas 18 Year Old, both made using only pure sugar cane juice harvested from their own fields.

Breaking new ground, Arehucas has ventured into the world of cask experimentation in recent years, impressing enthusiasts with the Arehucas Single Cask collection. This collection includes the Arehucas Single Cask 2002 Pedro Ximénez, a limited edition with only 1,487 bottles produced. This exceptional rum has undergone meticulous aging in American oak casks, followed by finishing in Pedro Ximénez casks for 18 months.


The anticipation continues to build as Arehucas prepares for the release of the second edition of the Single Cask Collection, scheduled for the end of October 2023. This new edition, Arehucas Single Cask 2005, has been carefully stored in Palo Cortado casks for a year. By pushing back the boundaries of innovation, rum lovers can look forward to more surprises in the years to come.

Surprises in store

Arehucas is not only beloved by rum connoisseurs, it has also become a hub for spirit tourism. Seven years ago, the company opened the doors of its visitor centre, inviting visitors to take part in guided tours carefully designed to immerse them in the art of rum-making. Housed in the former home of the distillery’s owners, the visitor centre represents their deep passion and unwavering commitment to the craft.


Arehucas has already established its presence and recognition in the heart of the Canary Islands, mainland Spain, Germany, the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Uruguay, the Czech Republic and Thailand. Their next destination? The French market, where they are preparing to unveil their exceptional collection.

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