The Rum Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar, a German tradition meant to calm children until Christmas morning, could now have an equally calming effect on adults..
Rum Advent Calendar – a gift idea for the rum lover in your life
Rum Advent Calendar, a gift idea for the rum lover in your life

After chocolates, toys and, more recently, beer, it’s time for rum! « 1423 » has created an original advent calendar that will delight fans of this sweet sugarcane alcohol.

What surprises does the calendar hold?

The rum advent calendar includes twenty-four 2cl flasks of rum that come from the four corners of the world, including the Dominican Republic, Panama, Jamaica, Guiana, Belize, even Mexico! The calendar consists of well-known brands as well as six exclusive references, and ranges from dry and sweet rums with alcohol content from 38-75%.

In addition to the rums, the gift bow also includes a glass and tasting notes.

This calendar will not only delight, but just might help you discover new rums…but you have to be patient!

The calendar is imported and distributed by BRUANT DISTRIBUTION and is available in your local liquor store.




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