Ron Bacoo : a family history

Greatly known in the world of spirits, the Sans family wanted to create a new brand of aged rums. The idea came while visiting the Dominican Republic and its distilleries that the father and son imagined Bacoo, a brand full of mysteries.

Ron BacooIndeed, as shown in the logo of the brand, Bacoo looks like a small being with big eyes. According to myths and beliefs, it would be a spirit with magical powers that would be found in bottles of rum floating in the Caribbean Sea.

The brand relies on the AFD distillery, located in San Pedro de Macorís, who are very respectful of the environment.

The 4 year old, 7 year old, and 11 year old rums are pure cane juice rums aged in bourbon barrels and 100% Dominican, from cane to bottling.

And don’t forget to release the Bacoo if you come across a bottle of rum in the ocean, it will make your wish come true!

Bacoo – 4 years

70cl – 40% ABV

RRP : 32,90€

Bacoo – 7 years

70cl – 40% ABV

RRP : 39,90€

Bacoo – 11 years

70cl – 40% ABV

RRP : 44,90€

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