Plantation Single Casks 2021 edition

Pineau des Charentes, wine, whiskies, bourbon… and beer, are on the menu of these limited series that the “Plantation addicts” are looking forward to every year.

Plantation single cask 2021

In any case, there is something for everyone. This year, 12 new expressions have been added to the brand’s field of experimentation. For it is indeed experimentation, even play, that we are talking about, and we can well imagine Alexandre Gabriel, Plantation’s cellar master and master blender, having a great time in the bowels of his cellar in the Charentes region to concoct these rums aged in unique barrels, intended for his fans.

Barbados 2014 Malbec Barrel
70cl – 49,8% ABV

Barbados 10 years old American Imperial Stout barrel
70cl – 49% ABV

Barbados 10 years old sherry barrel Oloroso
70cl – 49,3% of alcohol

Fiji 2011 Japanese whiskey barrel Mars Tsunuki The First
70cl – 50% ABV

Guatemala XO moscatel cask
70cl – 48

Jamaica 1998 Bardstown Fusion Series bourbon barrel
70cl – 47,5% ABV

Jamaica 2013 Duvel Barrel Aged (Batch N°5)
70cl – 42% ABV

Multi Island XO old “pineau des Charentes” white barrel
70cl – 43,7% of alcohol

Panama 14 years old rye whiskey barrel New York Distilling Company
70cl – 51% ABV

Panama 2007 barrel of syrah AOC Côte-Rôtie
70cl – 47% ABV

Trinidad 2008 AOC Chablis chardonnay barrel
70cl – 50,2% of alcohol

Trinidad 2009 Duvel Barrel Aged (Batch N°5)
70cl – 45% ABV

Plantation single cask 2021

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