Plantation Rum : On your marks, get set, go!

Thinking of the way Plantation communicates with their audience, everything is carefully thought out… The brand has a specific aura, their packaging is well-designed, their backstory nicely crafted: as a result, you always feel like opening their new bottles, which they release at a (not too) sustained pace.

Plantation Xaymaca

This time round, let’s focus on the latest UFO created by Alexandre Gabriel. Xaymaca shows power and youth. A blend of rums distilled in the old John Dore pot still at Long Pond and the Vendome at Clarendon, it spent one to three years ageing in the tropics before spending about a year in the Old Continent for the celebrated Ferrand finish.

In the blending phase, a 17-year-old Jamaican is used as a “bonificateur” (enhancer)! Like the new rums in the Extrême series, it is denoted as “Special Dry”, meaning that it has no added sugar. At Maison Ferrand, the weight problem in Western societies is taken very seriously!

Let’s now focus on “marks” (Ed. Note: see the previous review on Plantation Extrême rums for more on marks.) We like transparency here. So beware! The truth may be a bit upsetting, but the faint-hearted are free to move on to the next paragraph! Let’s go back over the content in the container: Xaymaca is a blend of the Clarendon EMB and MLC marks, characterised as “animalistic”, and Long Pond VRW (4 wheel drive), STC^E (sic) and ITP (I don’t have a joke for this one) marks, with their notes of very ripe tropical fruit!

Triple your word score with these marks next time you play Scrabble… A bottle of Xaymaca will set you back only €35 (RRP). A bottle you’ll likely find in all cocktail bars in the autumn!

Plantation Xaymaca
43% – 70cl

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