Plantation becomes Planteray and launches its Cut & Dry worldwide

To coincide with the global launch of 100% Barbadian coconut-infused rum, Alexandre Gabriel has announced the new name for his rum brand.


The Plantation brand, launched by Alexandre Gabriel (Maison Ferrand), is to change its identity to become Planteray. It’s a name that sounds like a tribute to sugar cane, the sun’s rays and the finest rum-producing terroirs… without the dark, negative side that the word ‘plantation’ could bring.

Historically, in the Caribbean, rum was produced on plantations that had been colonised and where slavery was rife. Maison Ferrand recognised back in 2020 that the word could offend people’s sensibilities, so it set about changing it.

The difficulty of finding a word close to the old name, and of registering it in the 120 countries where Plantation (now Planteray) was present, explains this delay of almost 4 years. Throughout 2024, stocks of Plantation bottles will be sold off, and it is probably in 2025 that Planteray will be hegemonic on the markets.

From today, the evolution from Plantation to Planteray begins”, said Alexandre Gabriel. It has been a long journey to register a name that reflects our brand DNA in 120 countries. Naturally, the rum we have proudly produced for over 25 years remains exactly the same and will always be produced with the same expertise, care and attention, but now under the Planteray name. We remain firmly committed to producing the same exceptional rum from Barbados and some of the world’s greatest rum terroirs.”

Apart from this change of a few letters on the labels, nothing changes for the rums, which will be able to boast the same production methods, the same range and the same quality.


A 100% Barbadian coconut rum

The name change was announced on 9 January 2024 at the West Indies Rum Distillery (WIRD) in Bridgetown, on the occasion of the worldwide launch of a new product (or rather, of what was previously a Barbadian exclusive).

It is a Barbadian rum married to a natural infusion of coconuts produced by local farmers who have been growing them for generations. Our partnership with local coconut farmers promotes Barbados as a benchmark for premium artisanal products, while celebrating Barbados’ rich history,” said Andrew Hassell, Managing Director of WIRD. The distillery has been the backbone of the local rum industry for over 130 years and it is our duty to support our community. Our duty is to support our community. We are proud to source local molasses and coconuts to produce Planteray Cut & Dry, a true Barbadian product.”

It is thanks to WIRD’s investment in coconut farming (in partnership with the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute and the International Trade Centre’s Alliances for Action programme) that production has been raised and upgraded to launch Planteray Cut & Dry in the 120 countries where the brand operates. However, these 100% local coconuts are not produced in infinite quantities, so each country will have a limited number of bottles.

Tasting notes provided by Planteray

Nose: Intense, starts on coconut pulp with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and sesame oil.

Palate: Round, offering coconut milk, vanilla, banana and green ginger, with sweet touches of molasses and fresh herbal notes.

Finish: Very long on coconut, pepper and vanilla.

Available worldwide in the USA, UK, France and the Caribbean, Planteray Cut & Dry Coconut is bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. 48€

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