New products from UCVF!

The Union Commerciale des Vins de France (UCVF), distributor of Labourdonnais rums from Mauritius, the Panamanian brands Kong and Nativo, as well as, more recently, the Paraguayan distillery Fortin, is about to present several spring novelties for its brands, which will be on show at the Rhum Fest Paris 2024 trade fair.


“Raph”, a new rum produced by the Labourdonnais distillery, presented in a ceramic bottle bearing the effigy of the Dodo (Mauritius’ emblematic extinct animal), a rum aged for 5 years in ex-cognac casks. Also new is a 9-year-old brut de fût aged entirely in ex-whisky casks.


Two new references for this brand, whose molasses is obtained from hand-harvested cane grown directly on the volcanic soils of Panama’s Herrera region.

Nativo XO

Cuvée XO is a blend of molasses rums distilled in column for a minimum of 12 years in American oak barrels containing bourbon, as well as in ex-brandy barrels (with eaux-de-vie aged in barrels for up to 20 years).

Tasting notes provided by the producer:

Nose: Perfect balance between vanilla and notes of oak and dry spices.
Palate: Smooth body with an explosion of oak. Spicy, gourmand notes
(chocolate, walnuts, cherries, vanilla, dates) and a touch of angelica sweetness.

Nativo Salvaje

Nativo “Salvaje” rum is also a molasses rum distilled in columns by Eduardo Perez, having rested in ex-bourbon casks.

Tasting notes provided by the producer:

Nose: Initial notes of sweet caramel and molasses mingle with light hints of vanilla and spices.vanilla and spice.
Taste: Delightful notes of caramel and dark chocolate mingle with nutmeg and cinnamon.


A new reference and a new recipe for the brand’s most unique rum bottle!

Kong Spiced

A new recipe for this spiced rum from the rainforest, based on molasses rum distilled in columns and aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels (with eaux-de-vie of up to 10 years). After a reduction to 68%, fruits (oranges) and spices (cloves, cinnamon) are macerated in this rum before a second reduction to 40°.

Tasting notes provided by the producer:

Nose: A highly aromatic, well-balanced rum with woody notes. Harmonious scents dominated by vanilla, orange, cinnamon, clove and roasted wood.

On the palate: Exceptionally smooth and aromatic, pleasantly sweet, with subtle spicy notes and a delicious oaky aftertaste, culminating in a persistent, rounded finish.

Kong 12 ans

Tasting notes provided by the producer:

Nose: A rich bouquet, the result of serene maturation in ex-bourbon American white oak casks, then finished for a further three months in Port wine casks. The medium toastiness of the casks gives soft, harmonious aromas with hints of vanilla, brandy, ripe fruit and toasted wood.

On the palate: Exceptionally smooth, delicious and slightly sweet, with notes of wood, port wine and fruit, culminating in a lingering, pleasant finish.

Distillerie Labourdonnais  – Raph –  70 cl – 40 % – €85

Distillerie Labourdonnais – Brut de fût 9 ans – 50 cl – 62 % – €99

Nativo – XO Panama – 70cl – 43% – €100

Distillerie Labourdonnais  – 70cl – 40% – €40

Kong – Spiced – 70cl – 40% – €40

Kong – Grand Reserve Rum – 70cl – 40% – €40

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