Neisson pulls out all the stops as its 85th anniversary

Armade, or the 4 decanters of the Apocalypse, are enough to get your bank privileges suspended!

Neisson Armada - 85 ans

The squadron of 4, which assembles the oldest vintages of the producer, has been imprisoned inside crystal decanters, for the greatest pleasure of collectors and wealthy drinkers alike!

It should be noted that the 1994 vintage will be an Italian exclusivity for Velier; as for the rest, you will find the 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1995 vintages, as well as a blend of the 5 vintages called “Drop by Drop”.

Hurry if you can afford it because there are only a dozen decanters sold per vintage.

Neisson ARMADA 1991

70 cl – 45% ABV

SRP: €1,990

Neisson ARMADA 1992

70 cl – 46,80% ABV

SRP: €1,990

Neisson ARMADA 1993

70 cl – 46,30% ABV

SRP: €2,250

Neisson ARMADA 1995

70 cl – 44,70% ABV

SRP: €2,025

Sold by: wine & liquor stores through LMDW, except the 1991 vintage, sold exclusively by LMDW. Neisson ARMADA Drop by Drop Not for sale (only 10 bottles were made)


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