Mount Gay goes old school

For over a year already, Mount Gay has been dabbling in a stylistic exercise: the Master Blender collection. After leaping into the future with its “Peat Smoke Expression,” the brand is peddling back in time to delve into the genesis of its distillation.

Mount Gay Pot Still Rum

We’re talking about 100% pot still rum, as it was at the time of “the creation of the distillery in 1703 until the early 1900s.” Mount Gay is thoroughly indulging us because this small batch of 4,920 bottles has a very busy label: individually numbered bottle, distillation type, vintage, barrel type and, of course, the name of the master distiller who initiated this collection, Miss Trudiann Branker. In short, a truly true honest rum.

360 bottles destined for the French market.

Mount Gay Pot Still Rum

70 cl – 48%

RRP: €130

Distribution : Bollinger Distribution

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