Meeting with Nicolas Josset, Kraken brand ambassador

This former professional drummer turned spirit connoisseur joins us in the very rock universe of the famous brand with tentacles, one of the leading players in the thriving “spiced” rums market.

Nicolas Josset Ambassadeur Kraken

Fabien Humbert: What exactly is a brand ambassador?

Nicolas Josset: It is to embody the image of the brand, in this case Kraken, to make the link between the various stakeholders that are the owners of the brand, its distributors, customers, the press … Since La Martiniquaise took over the distribution in January 2020, they try to accentuate the rock’n’roll image, tattoos, on the fringe, of The Kraken.

So you have to be tattooed to drink The Kraken?

(Laughs) No, of course not, but it’s true that the core of the target group are thirty-somethings who want to have fun with a different quality product. Take me for example, I had a first life as a musician. I was a professional drummer, notably for Norbert Krief, the ex-guitarist of Trust, Johnny Hallyday, or even Max Boublil when he published humorous songs. At the age of 30 I decided to stop and go into the world of spirits and mixology. I worked at the Ballroom, 1802… And since June 2020, I am an ambassador of the Kraken brand.

“Our core target is the 30-somethings who are a bit rocky and want to indulge themselves with a quality product that is a bit different.”

How is Kraken different from its competitors in the spice market?

First of all, it’s a black spiced rum, it’s a little different because the aging time is longer, between 12 and 24 months in American oak barrels. It’s a molasses rum which is 40°, distilled in pot still and comes from the Virgin Islands. After aging, we macerate spices, there are 11 flavors: vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, clove …

Nicolas Josset Ambassadeur Kraken

But is Kraken really a rum according to the European legislation?

You touch the sensitive point, in France, we are considered as a spirituous drink containing rum because we add aromas, through maceration of spices, to the rum. We are not a sharp tasting product, so this does not pose a problem for our customers.

How do you taste Kraken ?

As it is a rum of molasses decorated with spices, it is rather accessible. Its wide range of flavors allows it to be consumed in long drinks, in shots but also in cocktails. In events, I like, for example, to make people discover it in a Negroni with a bitter and an extra dry coffee liqueur extra dry, in punches with banana, coconut, peanuts…

“I like to make people discover it in Negroni”.

What are the brand’s upcoming developments?

We are going to extend the distribution of our 47° version which was reserved for wine shops, bars and restaurants. The label will be more differentiated, since instead of being white with the black logo, it will be black with the iconic octopus in white. In terms of taste, the length in the mouth is less important, but the alcoholic kick brings out more spices.

The last word, since you are a musician, what do you listen to while drinking a glass of Kraken?

I will say rock but as Charlie Watts has just passed away, I will pay tribute to him by answering with a song by the Rolling Stones.



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