Maison AL, a new 100% French spirits brand

Since May 2020, Arnaud Lintilhac has created a new French spirits brand composed of whiskies and rums in Marseille, Maison AL.

Arnaud Lintilhac
Arnaud Lintilhac

A lover of the history of the Phocaean city, Arnaud worked in the hotel industry for 12 years and more recently in bars such as “Dans les arbres”, a high place of mixology created by Guillaume Ferroni… And it is with the help and advice of the latter (and a participative financing campaign) that Maison AL offers two references of rum that smell as if you were in Provence: “La belle bleue” and “Ballade en Garrigue”.

Maison AL La Belle BleueLa Belle Bleue

The first is a blend of rums from Martinique, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Cape Verde.

70cl – 42% ABV
RRP: 41€

MAison AL Balade en Garrigue
Balade en Garrigue

Balade en Garrigue is a rum aged in France in a barrel that had contained pastis, the southern drink par excellence. This reference is a limited edition.

70cl – 42% ABV
RRP: 43€

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