Lorena Vasquez, “for me it’s important to inspire other women who want to work in the rum industry”

On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, Rumporter focuses on some of the women who are making rum today. Today, focus on Zacapa (Guatemala)

Lorena Vasquez, Zacapa’s Master Blender

What was your background and career path before arriving to that role at Zacapa ? Can you explain your current role ?

My first job when I joind the destillery was in quality control, then later i start to be involved in the mixes of rums and aging.

Currently i´m like the guardian angel of Zacapa rum production process, I also have the responsibility of educating about our rum.

Do you feel that the rhum industry is becoming more open to women ?

Yes, currently there is more openness in the industry and the womens are also dare to carry out this type of work

Are you tired of being asked about you as a woman in the rhum ?

No, because for me it is important to inspire other womans that want to work in the rum industry.

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