Les Rhums de Ced’: a product for the 10th year!

Ced’s rums have celebrated their 10th anniversary, and to celebrate a new product was created for this great occasion: Mango Passion Turmeric.

Ti arrangés de Ced' - Mangue Passion Curcuma

For one of the last cuvées, Cédric Brément wanted to revisit his “classic” mango passion.

An agricole rum from AOC Martinique that was aged in barrels of sauternes, infused with turmeric from Reunion Island, as well as mangoes and passion fruit harvested at maturity, to create an explosive result.

Nothing less was needed to make a splash!

Ti arrangés de Ced’ – Mango Passion Turmeric

70cl – 32% ABV

RRP : 38€

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