La Maison du Whisky unveils its new products

LMDW Neisson profil 62

New Profile 62 for Neisson

Neisson Profil 62, an agricultural rum aged 12 months in new oak barrels.

70cl – 49,2% ABV

RRP : 59,50€

900 bottles exclusively for LMDW

LMDW Plantation saint Lucia 2010

Plantation – Saint Lucia 2010

Heading to Saint Lucia, this Saint Lucia 2010 from Plantation is a molasses rum, double aged in bourbon and cognac barrels. We will not lie, it is a very good molasses rum, both fruity, enticing, and subtle (312 bottles).

70cl – 53,2% ABV

RRP : 118€

312 bottles

LMDW Hampden Pagos

Hampden – Pagos Sherry

Lovers of Jamaican rum will love Hampden Pagos Sherry. The power of the Jamaican rum is tamed by the sweetness brought by the ageing in ex sherry barrels.

70cl – 60% ABV

RRP : 79€

1200 bottles exclusive to LMDW

LMDW Trinidad 2001

Plantation – Trinidad 2001

Then we go to the excitement of Trinidad 2001 20 year, a slap at 65,6% ABV and full of vitality. To taste in very small sips to avoid the fire of alcohol. No doubt that its 250 bottles will find takers.

70cl – 65,6% ABV

RRP : 189€

250 bottles

LMDW Vieux Sajous

Clairin – Vieux Sajous 4 years

After a previous Vieux Sajous 4 year old, we still find the wild and fruity aromas of the Clairin, made wiser by the four years of ageing in wood in an Oloroso cask.

70cl – 50,1% ABV

RRP : 89€

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