Interactive map – Distillers mobilize day after day against Covid-19

By Alexandre Vingtier & Baptiste Bochet

As the Covid19, the map we created is without borders. This is a non-exhaustive map that was created to show the will and intent of our worldwide industry regarding helping others.

By creating this map we intended to thank distillers, brands, groups that helped in many ways. Giving away neutral alcohol, making directly hand sanitiser or even giving money to causes, they deserve our gratitude. We also created this map in order for the ones that did not contribute yet to know that there is a gigantic wave of kindness and they can join in anytime. At this time, there is more than one thousand contributors, and counting.
Of course, maybe you already contributed in your own way and do not want to go public and we respect it completely.

If you, your friend, your neighbor or a company in your town, in your country is helping and is not yet on the map, please, feel free to contact us at :

I am the one whos entering locations on the map-. Please, join screenshot, link, something as a proof of the contributor’s gesture. We double check every time but it is a lot of work and time is running out.

We thank you and #stayhome !

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