In Gargano Veritas

This is a dream combination, Foursquare meets Hampden, Barbados meets Jamaica…

Veritas - Rhum blanc - Velier / Foursquare

Coffey column in the first case, double retort pot still in the second. In fact, this is a blended rum -as are most rums produced by Foursquare / Doorly’s -, but, this time round, instead of using Foursquare’s heavy rum, they used that produced by the mythical Hampden Distillery, the only one in Jamaica that does not use a column still to produce light rums.

A case of diluting Jamaican rum with Barbadian rum, sort of… The Hampden marks used to make this blend haven’t been revealed yet. Its 47% alcohol content makes it an ideal cocktail base, especially for butt-kicking daiquiris. A direct competitor for Appleton on the one hand and for Smith & Cross on the other!

Velier – Veritas

47% – 70 cl




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