Excellence Rhum unveils its new 100% Trinidad collection

Two new releases from Excellence Rhum, both from Trinidad, more precisely Caroni 1998 23 year and Trinidad Distillers 2003.

Collection ExcellenceRhum 2021 - Caroni

It is rumoured that these bottlings were a great success at the last Rum Society. The icing on the cake is that the two magnificent labels were designed by Flo Lenziani of Excellence Rhum, who also will take you on a journey through the boutique. The Caroni’s label was designed with Indian ink.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter with the first reference, a Caroni. Distilled (column) in 1998 and bottled in June 2021, it has been aged in bourbon casks for 23 years. Let’s push the transparency a little further, the ageing was done 48% in tropical and 52% in continental. The number 46 on the bottle label corresponds to the Mark number of the cask, which has undergone 23% angels’ share.

Excellence Rhum 2021 – Caroni

70cl – 65,2% ABV

RRP: 385€Limited edition of 225


Excellence Rhum 2021 – Trinidad Distillers

70cl – 65,6% ABV

RRP: 165€

Limited edition of 250


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