Dictador unveils a bottle worth over a million dollars: Dictador M-City Golden Edition

Wealthy investors and collectors beware: Dictador, the Colombian rum, has unveiled a bottle costing $1.5 million! The record for the most expensive bottle in the world, held by Clément rums, which was still €100,000, has been smashed.

Dictador M-City Golden Edition

The Colombian brand is no longer ‘just’ talking about juice, but is offering a real journey with this bottle; the Dictador M-City Golden Edition will include a bottle made from 24-carat gold, specially designed by the artist M-City.

In addition to this, buyers will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience by visiting the distillery in Cartagena, Colombia. There, they will be able to create their own blend.

Dictador M-City Golden Edition

Each bottle will be sold by invitation only. Selected customers will be able to decorate the surface of the bottle with precious stones.

Hernan Parra, Master Blender, believes that this bottle “is aimed at people who are looking for a distinctive and memorable experience combining art and quality spirits”.

Dictador M-City Golden Edition

Read the full interview with Hernan Parra on Yahoo.com

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