Cut Rhums : the natural rum !

Cut is the natural rum of excellence. The brand proclaims itself “without artifice”, i.e. without artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Cut Rhums

And to fulfill their promise, they offer three references:

Cut to the spice, a rum straight from the Caribbean and infused with natural spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.

Cut to the smoke, a smoked Jamaican rum, entirely natural, three years old with notes of coffee and tobacco.

Cut to the overproof, the spiced rum is bottled at 75.5% for a powerful but balanced finish. It is also ideal for cocktails.

Cut – Spiced rum

70cl – 37.5% ABV

RRP : 25€

Cut – Smoke rum

70cl – 40% ABV

RRP : 29€

Cut – Overproof rum

70cl – 75.5% ABV

RRP : 39€

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