Cocktail recipe by Yoann Demeersseman : Sodade Rickey

Sodade Isalia, a Cape Verdean grogue liqueur with cane sugar syrup that was suggested to me by our editor Alexandre Vingtier.

To enhance the artisanal approach of this rum liqueur, I had the idea of using it as a base for the cocktail rather than as a sweetening agent, the result is sublime.

The Rickey cocktail family is an old cocktail base that I updated in my book “Mon Cours de Cocktails.” Known for being dry and sugar-free, the Rickey takes on a new dimension when mixed with a liqueur as a base.

It is made directly from a glass filled with ice cubes and is composed of a spirit, lime and sparkling water.

Through the Sodade Rickey, I have slightly modified the base as I use ginger ale instead of soda water and a different variety of citrus.

Sodade cocktail



Sodade– 50ml of Sodade Isalia (liqueur of cane syrup and toddy)
– 1 finger lime
– 150ml of Artonic ginger ale


Pour the liqueur into the highball glass and stir in the lemon caviar cut in half, crush the whole, fill the glass with ice cubes, thin with ginger ale, stir briefly, add a straw and serve immediately.

Glassware: Highball

Garnish: Cork straw, half finger lime.

Cocktail Tasting:

The caramelized cane sugar liqueur is a delight and I find that it is through this type of cocktail that it is best expressed.

It is a cocktail to be enjoyed as an aperitif as well as a digestif. The appearance of the cocktail highlights the liqueur, I advise not to mix too much of the long drink because it is very pleasant to taste with the cork straw, the liqueur and the lemon caviar.

Usually, the Rickey is stretched with sparkling water but I find that with the Artonic ginger ale, it takes another dimension. A must try!

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