Cocktail recipe by Yoann Demeersseman : Millionaire Cocktail N°1

Navi Cassiopeia, a navy-style blend of rums with a Jamaican dominance to my taste, immediately inspired me to construct a favorite drink from my book “Millionaire Cocktail No. 1,” a homage to Baptiste Bochet, who co-created this blend with Alexandre Beudet of ExcellenceRhum. It is easily drank on its own.



Navi Cassiopée– 35ml of Navi Cassiopeia rum
– 15ml Giffard Premium Roussillon Apricot Liqueur
– 15ml of Plymouth Sloe Gin
– The juice of a small organic lime
– 7.5ml grenadine

Method: In a shaker

Glassware: Large iced Lehmann cup

Decoration: Prickly pear (or seasonal fruit)

Cocktail Tasting:

The first tasting of the Navi rum immediately reminded me of the characteristic aromas of Jamaica, it also reminded me of the taste of the “Millionaire Cocktail N°1”, a favorite cocktail in my book sometimes called “Millionaire Daiquiri”. This blend of rums in the French navy style brings structure and delicacy to this fruity, gourmet and fragrant cocktail. It is important to use a quality lime and an excellent grenadine syrup to appreciate this cocktail ideal as an aperitif or digestive.

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