Cocktail recipe by Yoann Demeersseman : Marine Old Fashioned

The Trois Rivières Rhum Vieux de l’Océan vintage, inspired me to create this Marine Old Fashioned. As an ambassador for the “Rhum en Rennes Festival,” I had the opportunity to arrange numerous mixology seminars for individuals and professionals in collaboration with Trois Rivières rums.

Their “bar editions” were in the spotlight, and the one that most impressed me the most was probably this one; the approach of this vintage rum reduced to Caribbean sea water is certainly modern. For me, it works best in an Old Fashioned, but it also works nicely with an exotic liqueur like Giffard’s Caribbean Pineapple or a good coffee liqueur.

Trois Rivières Old Fashioned



– 50ml of Trois Rivières Rhum Vieux de l’Océan
Trois Rivières cuvée de l'océan vieux– 1 square of organic whole cane sugar (Ecuador)
– A few drops of aromatic bitters
– 10ml of Caribbean Pineapple liqueur from Giffard

Méthod: By mixing glass

Glassware: Old fashioned

Decoration: Dehydrated Victoria pineapple

Cocktail Tasting:

The Marine Old Fashioned is the ideal autumn cocktail to enjoy by the fire, this old fashioned overproof is dry, powerful and long in the mouth but without being too strong in alcohol, the pineapple liqueur blends perfectly with the old rum, it can be substituted by a coffee liqueur to get a sweeter cocktail.


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