Cocktail recipe by Yoann Demeersseman : Dry Cuban

Eminente Reserva 7 years, is the last Cuban nugget that really inspired me during the final of the Bartenders Online Challenge that I organized on September 5th at the Combier distillery.

One of the challenges was to make several classic cocktails in a 30 minutes time limit. I had selected the Cuban Manhattan and the Presidente as finalists. When I met Timothée Prangé from Little Red Door in Paris, he introduced me to their new Baldoria vermouth range. I had already imagined a “rum & vermouth” theme, so all I had to do was mix it up.

The vermouth chosen to go with the Eminente Reserva is a dry rosso, a vermouth with a rare aromatic intensity between wine and plants.

The “sweet” version of the Manhattan is served without bitters, the dry Rosso Baldoria vermouth is perfectly adapted to the old ron. Excellent tasting.



– 60ml of rum Eminente Reserva 7 years
– 30ml of Baldoria dry rosso vermouth

Méthod: Cuban roll

Glassware: Iced cup (London Lehmann)

Decoration: Bergamot zest expressed over the glass and placed on its rim, cherry brandy.

Cocktail Tasting:

This tasting cocktail will be enjoyed by Cuban Manhattan lovers, I prefer it without bitters for my taste but the comparative tasting is worth it. The name of the cocktail “Dry Cuban” refers to the dry rosso vermouth Baldoria and the Cuban ron Eminente.

Rum and vermouth is a combination that I have been experimenting with for some time in Negroni, Presidente or Manhattan; with these two novelties it takes another dimension.

I appreciate this style of cocktail served very cold between 0 and -4°C but the Dry Cuban is also appreciated when it rises in temperature. Less is more, mix these two vintages, aerate, filter, taste and smile!

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