Clairin rums have gained a little more wisdom!

Did I say “more wisdom”? More time certainly! What do I mean? Three Clairins, two Michel Sajous and one Casimir, spent 19 months in different Caroni casks!


The ageing of Clairins is an ancient practice that started being documented as early as the XIXth century, although unfortunately it’s been abandoned in Haiti for a few decades. Up until the 1990s, it was fairly commonplace to import empty barrels from bankrupt distilleries in the Caribbean…

So why not use barrels having contained molasses rum to finish Clairins off. Those responsible for selecting such unique barrels all have different tastes! Let’s hope one of them will be as good a selector as Didier Deschamps…

Clairin Ansyen Sajous 19 Mois

2015 Single Cask #CARSA4  et #CARSA1

70 cl – 54,6% et 54,7%

Clairin Ansyen Casimir 19 Mois

2015 Single Cask #CARCA8

70 cl – 49,6%

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