Ron Colon : El Salvador, have you ever tasted it ?

The smallest country in Central America, El Salvador, is full of majestic landscapes and culinary treasures, including very good sugar cane!

That’s why Thurman Wise and Pepijn Janssens, two friends and colleagues working in the spirits industry, decided during a business trip to create their own brand of rum in this authentic and rich country.

Wishing to honor this land, the two friends named their new brand after the national currency (“Colón” used until 2001, which pays homage to Christopher Columbus) and inserted a unique collectible coin in each bottle cap.

Ron Colón

The Aged Brown Rum is a blend of Salvadoran 6 year old rum distilled in column stills, and two Jamaican rums (a young rum and a 3 year old rum) distilled in pot stills.

This original blend reveals itself to be a complex and refined product in the mouth that is somewhere between the grace of Jamaican rum and the elegance of Salvadoran rum.

Ron Colón – High Proof Aged Rum

70cl – 55,5% ABV

RRP : 45,90€

Ron Colón

In addition to high quality sugar cane, El Salvador is also a key country in terms of coffee, which is why Ron Colón decided to launch its coffee-infused rum!

After drying for 4 weeks, the Bourbon coffee beans are freed from their cherries and are lightly roasted. They are then cold-macerated for 48 hours in the aged dark rum and filtered at room temperature.

This process allows the cherry, chocolate, and honey notes in the coffee to be released perfectly in the initial blend to create a balanced liqueur on the palate.

Ron Colón – Coffee Infused Rum

70cl – 40.5% ABV

RRP : 33,90€

Ron Colón

Finally, an original blend: Rumrye, a rum and a rye whisky in the same bottle !

This blend is composed of 50% Ron Colón aged dark rum and 50% American Straight 100% 4 years old Rye Whisky, which gives the blend the unique notes of tropical fruits from the rum and fresh mint from the whisky.

Ron Colón – Rumrye

70 cl – 50% ABV

RRP : 39,90€

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