Rum Fest Paris: the complete program of Masterclasses

In less than a month, Rum Fest Paris opens its gates at the Parc Floral of Paris. April 22 and 23 for the public days and April 24 for the professional day.

This year Rum Fest is going digital and offers a live broadcast of its masterclasses via the Rum Fest Paris and Rumporter Facebook pages! You can follow the events even if you have not had the chance to book your spot, which are limited. No time to waste, here is the program:

Saturday, April 22

2:30 PM – Masterclass: Neisson – 85 years of innovation, a pioneer of Bio AOC rum

Speakers: Alex Bobi & Julie Mocquot

Guardian of the purest tradition of agriculture, Neisson continues to innovate and strive for excellence, in the image of its four new rums launched on the occasion of its 85th anniversary. You will have the opportunity to discover them in a sneak preview.
This anniversary also marks the start of the conversion of Neisson to all Bio since the distillery unveiled last September the first Bio AOC rum in the world!
Consistently focusing on sustainable agriculture and enhancing their land, this quest for authenticity has nurtured the minds of Claudine Neisson and Grégory Vernant for the past 5 years, a reflection that has naturally led to the first production of Bio rum.
A masterclass that will immerse you in the heart of the philosophy and environmental issues of this distillery deeply attached to its land and which can claim to have preserved its independence since 1932.


4:30 PM – Lecture: History of Rum – The taste of rum from the mid-nineteenth century to the 1930s

Speaker: Matthieu Lange

Rhum Fest Paris - Matthieu LangeThis year, we have chosen to address the topic of taste. If the question of taste has always been asked in overseas territories, it arises from the consumer’s point of view from the mid nineteenth century on the European and American continents. Like today, the question of taste involves several aspects:

– The chemistry. Scientists are in search of taste. What is a good rum from a chemistry standpoint? What role do non-alcoholic elements play?

– Flavor enhancers. What were the techniques used at the time to change the taste of rum? Where can you find pure rums?   

– At the tasting. What flavor did the rum have at the time? Where can you find mixed rum?

Sunday, April 23

2:30 PM – Masterclass: Appleton Estate – Dive into the heart of Jamaica

Speaker: Ian Burrell

Rhum Fest Paris - Ian BurrelFounded in 1655 as a sugar estate, rum production at the Appleton Estate began in 1749. This makes it the oldest rum distillery in Jamaica that is still active.
In 1997, the Appleton Estate became a pioneer by naming Joy Spence as cellar master, the first woman in the rum industry to hold such a position.
Appleton Estate is a 4,614 hectare area located in the Nassau Valley in the famous region of Cockpit Country, boasting fertile land in the heart of Jamaica. The property is located between the mountains and along the Black River that flows through the area.

4:30 PM – Masterclass: Ferroni – Finishes and double maturation in rum – Overview of a developing trend.

Speaker: Guillaume Ferroni

Rhum Fest Paris - Guillaume FerroniThe finishes and double maturation are almost as old as the spirits.
First unintentionally performed for transportation purposes, following the discovery, carefully selected barrels were able to impose their brand or delicate styles on the spirits by introducing them while in their staves.
Then the tradition gave way to active and creative finishes.
Part of a small wave that first hit the world of whiskey is now a groundswell that flows through the world of rum.
Guillaume Ferroni, will provide an overview of finishes from the traditional to the most current, and provide a few cheeky surprises along the way.

Monday, April 24 (pro day)

11H00 -« Blended Rums – Why the pot still endures »

Rhum Fest Paris - Richard Seale

Speaker: Richard Seale

The pot still is the most inefficient and time consuming way to make rum, yet it has endured in rum since the 1640s. What makes the rum from the pot still so unique that the distillers and blenders in the former British Caribbean countries such as Barbados and Jamaica refuse to give it up.

12:00 PM – El Dorado Rare Collection

Rhum Fest Paris - jesus bernad

Speaker: Jesús Bernad   

1670, Guyana, the Demerara Distillery opened its doors for the first time. Jesús Bernad, Brand Ambassador, will introduce you to the wonders and specifics of the El Dorado Rare Collection.
Tasting: El Dorado Rare Collection with ENMORE 1993, PORT MOURANT 1999 & VERSAILLES 2002.

1:00 PM – Banks the art of Blending

Rhum Fest Paris - Davide Segat & Jerome Kaftandjian

Speakers: Davide Segat & Jerome Kaftandjian

“Banks Rums, like a love letter to the category of rum” (Drink spirit). The history and inspiration Banks Rums begin with a naturalist, the ocean explorer Sir Joseph BANKS.

2:00 PM – Don Q, Puerto Rico in a bottle.

Rhum Fest Paris - Jaiker Soto

Speaker: Jaiker Soto   

The Master Blender, Jaiker Soto will present the Serrallés Distillery founded in 1865, the particulars of Don Q rums and all the secrets that make them so unique today.

3:00 PM – Clément Ti’punch Cup 2018.

Speakers : Marie Picard & Marc-Nicolas Morand

In Martinique, “drinking a Ti’Punch » is accompanied by a traditional ceremonial. The Ti’Punch brings together friends, reconciles the enemies, makes it possible to welcome foreigners … More than a cocktail the Ti’Punch is at the heart of the Martinique culture and the taste is an art.

4:00 PM – Bayou: the pride of Louisiana.

Rhum Fest Paris - Simone BodiniSpeaker: Simone Bodini

Discover the Louisiana Bayou and its rum. Be guided by Brand Ambassador Simone Bodini in this adventure.

5:00 PM – Rum Nation: How Fabio Rossi has bridged the gap between the Caribbean and Europe.

Rhum Fest Paris - Mario NavarroSpeaker: Mario Navarro   

Learn how Fabio Rossi has bridged the gap between large Caribbean/South America distilleries and the European market, marketing every day with more enthusiasm to learn more about the rums of the world. You will taste 8 rums: Millonario 10 Aniversario, Rum Nation Jamaica White, Rum Nation Jamaica 5, Rum Nation Barbados 10, Rum Nation Réunion 7, Rum Nation Panama 21, Rum Nation Demerara 14 and Rum Nation Caroni 18. You will discover different styles of rums by its origin, its soil, its craftsmanship. There will rums for all tastes…


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