Paranubes expands its range

Two new products for Mexico’s Aguardiente de Caña.


A Caña Morada single-varietal white rum (organic cane) whose cane juice is fermented in pine-wood casks (fermentation is triggered by the addition of mezquite bark, a local shrub, and bagasse). Half of the fermented juice is distilled, and the cask is filled with fresh juice on the same day. This “rolling” fermentation lasts around 4 months.

An Añejo Ex-Tequila using the Paranubes Blanco base (made with 4 varieties of cane: Caña Criollo, Caña Dulce, Caña Duro, and Caña Morada), this time aged 18 to 24 months in American oak casks that have contained tequila.

Paranubes – Monovarietal Caña Morada – 70 cl – 54,4 % – €55
Paranubes – Añejo Ex-Tequila 18-24 Mois – 70 cl – 54,9 % – €75

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