Eminente is touring four major French cities (Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux and Lyon) and is back in Paris!

A local or disruptive poster campaign will be rolled out from May 1, while the Cuban rum brand will be available in over 70 partner establishments.


Parisians who love rum and Cuba will remember the two previous editions of Casa Eminente. Each time, the LVMH rum brand transformed a Parisian venue into a veritable tribute to Cuban culture.

First the Hotel Monte Cristo in the 5th arrondissement, then a house in a hidden cul-de-sac in the 4th arrondissement. Each time, the experience was total! Yes, but only the capital’s inhabitants, or tourists passing through, were able to enjoy it. That’s why the rum brand, with the help of its Maestro Ronero César Martí, now wants to broaden its audience and reach out to new publics.

A three-stage campaign

The first step will be to launch a poster campaign on the walls of four major French cities: Marseille, Lyon, Lille and Bordeaux, each with a personalized message.


For Marseille: We arrive in the mouths of Rum

Pour Lyon: You have the corks, we bring the bottles

For Bordeaux: Is this the place for great rums?

For Lille: Direct from Lille, Cuba


The second step is to make these Cuban rums, which give pride of place to aguardientes (i.e. “heavy”, aromatic rums) in the traditional blend, accessible to as many people as possible. And this means being present in numerous bars, wine shops and restaurants in each target city. More than 70 establishments in all!

Finally, in Paris, Eminente will be taking up residence in a new ephemeral venue, on the roof of the Drawing Hotel (1st arrondissement), for a new edition of Casa Eminente, offering cocktails and a range of 100% Cuban dishes. But we’ll tell you more when we’ve tested it!


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