Braud & Quennesson focuses on ESB

The new Martinique brand continues to diversify until its distillery is operational.

The new Martinique brand (launched on November 23, 2022) continues to develop. After several top-flight white rums (a 50%, a 55% and a 59%) awarded medals in several competitions, and a 52.5% parcellaire (L319-52) that is both sweet and gourmet, Braud & Quennesson is now launching its élevés sous bois (ESB) with the “Signature du Chai” appellation.

Braud & Quennesson ESB 47%

One at 47%, which is destined for supermarkets, and the other at 49% for wine merchants. Both are the same juice, but aged a little differently. The 47% juice was aged in ex-bourbon barrels before being transferred to new French oak barrels with special toasting. The 49% was aged in ex-cognac French oak barrels.

A new distillery coming soon

At Rumporter, we’re positively delighted by the emergence of this new Martinican player, who can boast an estate that currently boasts some forty hectares of sugar cane, on the territory of the former Marin sugar factory. Its location in the extreme south of Martinique means that the sugar cane receives maximum sunshine, while its position in a valley guarantees good irrigation. The result is particularly high Brix levels. “For the time being, we have our rums distilled at the Simon plant, but we are in the process of having our own distillery built,” says Octavie de Gentile, the brand’s communications manager. Things are moving in Martinique!

Braud & Quennesson ESB 49%

Tasting notes by Alexandre Vingtier

47%: Blending the freshness of sugarcane and the nobility of oak, this rum evolves towards gourmet aromas of candied bitter orange, enhanced by the sweetness of barley sugar.

On the palate, it offers a striking delicacy, with floral notes and sweet spices of lime blossom and white pepper, coated in honey, as well as hints of bergamot, creating a symphony of perfectly balanced flavors.

The long, savory finish, enriched by wood ageing, reveals vegetal and spicy notes, and echoes the aromatic cabinet of a great chef, with a resurgence of floral notes, underlining the exceptional maturity of this rhum agricole, lingering on Seville orange, vanilla, butter, coconut, and Earl Grey tea.

49%: A “young old rum” of sorts, offering a harmonious blend of toasty floral notes and pastry aromas, notably toasted bread and candied pineapple, underlined by the freshness of mature sugarcane.

On the palate, with its clean attack, a spicy, gourmet blend of bitter orange jam, apricot custard, blueberry, mountain ash, salted butter caramel, chocolate and bourbon vanilla, enhanced by a light fruity-herbaceous acidity that refreshes and extends the taste to a rich finish where oak, bourbon vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper and clementine zest combine for a balanced aromatic persistence.

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