An upmarket move for Maison La Mauny

Maison La Mauny

Whilst in 2014 the BBS group decided to review the Trois Rivières range and, to our great pleasure, this year they have decided to revisit the products of the recently renamed Maison La Mauny. The first changes concerned the packaging of the lower price items, presented at Rhumfest Paris in spring, and have now moved on to the 6 new varieties making up the premium side of the range.

The Maison La Mauny Ter Rouj’ pays homage to the red colour of the lands of Riviere Pilote, the home of Maison La Mauny. This premium white Rhum Agricole, produced using fermentation techniques especially conceived by their Master Distiller, is distinct in its exuberance and is presented in an instantly recognisable red glass bottle. This premium white Rhum, measuring no less than 45%, proves to be a very good white Rhum that can be consumed neat or in a punch.

Delving a bit deeper into the cocktail world, Maison La Mauny is also offering a new spiced rhum; the Maison La Mauny Spiced. This is a subtle mix of the Maison La Mauny Rhum Ambré and the sweet spices of the Antilles, creating a perfect balance which produces a lovely harmony in the mouth. Aromas of cinnamon and confit citrus fruits generously enliven the palette. After an 18-month aging process in oak casks, under the watchful eye of the Maison’s Cellar Master, then 3 months in Porto Ruby casks, the Héritage 1749 rhum ambré from the Maison La Mauny develops a characteristic roundness and delicate woody aromas. With a rare originality, this amber rhum is available in 70cl, measuring 40%, and can be consumed neat or in cocktails.

Imagined and created by the Maison’s Cellar Master, Signature du Maître de Chais is a remarkable composition from Maison La Mauny. This gem of a Rhum Agricole is truly unique since it was created from a rare and original blend of aged spirits in 4 different types of casks: Cognac, Moscatel, Bourbon and Porto. This is a great way for Maison La Mauny to prove that, as well as having tradition, they can also be innovative.

The cellar master really demonstrates the art of blending with the Maison La Mauny Rhum Vieux XO, bringing together 10 spirits over 6 years old, painstakingly selected for their unique qualities. It’s worth noting that this exceptional blend has won numerous awards all over the world since its release.

And it is by blending twelve of its best vintages with four of its rare millésimes that Maison La Mauny aims to show its excellence with its cuvee entitled “Le Nouveau Monde” (70cl – 41%). This unique Rhum has a rare character and is ideal for finishing off a gourmet meal or at the end of an afternoon, for the simple pleasure of tasting it. 

Maison La Mauny Ter Rouj
70 cl – 45° – 27 €

Maison La Mauny Spiced
70 cl – 40° – 29 €

Maison La Mauny Héritage 1749
70 cl – 40° – 30 €

Maison La Mauny Signature
70 cl – 40° – 41 €

Maison La Mauny XO
70 cl – 40° – 68 €

Maison La Mauny Le Nouveau Monde
70 cl – 43° – 175 €
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